Church History (1):  The Historical Background to the New Testament


Lesson Title:  Roman Emperors



27 BC Augustus becomes emperor
12 BC Augustus becomes Pontifex Maximus
c.7-6 BC Birth of Jesus
4 BC Death of Herod
14  Augustus dies, Tiberius becomes emperor
37 Tiberius dies, Caligula becomes emperor
41 Caligula is murdered, Claudius becomes emperor
54 Claudius dies, Nero becomes emperor 
62. James martyred in Jerusalem (Josephus)                       
64. Fire of Rome 
64  Persecution by Nero begins  (Tacitus)                          
c.64  Martyrdom of Peter and Paul                
68  Nero commits suicide
69. Vespasian becomes emperor
70. Destruction of Jerusalem                 
79  Death of Vespasian, Titus becomes emperor.
81  Death of Titus, Domitian becomes emperor.
95. Persecution by Domitian, John exiled on Patmos                               
100. Death of  the Apostle John