Tiberius the General


Born 16 November 42 BC.

Son of Livia and Tiberius Nero (d.32 BC)

39 BC Livia divorced Tiberius Nero. Married Octavian.



Tiberius married Vipsania (whom he loved) - Daughter of Marcus Agrippa (1st marriage)

21 BC Marcus Agrippa married Julia (daughter of Augustus).

Marcus Agrippa and Julia had five children.

12 BC Death of Marcus Agrippa

Tiberius forced to marry Julia (whom he hated)




6 BC AD 2 Lived in exile on Rhodes with his astrologer, Thrasyllus.


AD 2 Tiberius forced to divorce Julia (sexual immorality).

Augustus upheld family values.

Julia exiled to island of Ventotene.

Julia was not allowed visitors but her mother Scribonia was allowed to go into exile with her.

AD 4 Augustus adopts Tiberius as his son.

AD 12 Co-regent with Augustus

AD 14 Emperor (55 years old)





Scribonia was forced by Tiberius to leave Julia and she died soon after.

Julia died in AD 14 the same year as her father (Augustus).

Either from starvation or sorrow after hearing that her last remaining son had been killed.


Tiberius Caesar (42 BC AD 37)


Emperor Tiberius (14-37)

AD 14 Reign of Tiberius begins.


Period of good government (AD14-26/27)


Tiberius resident in Rome



Tiberius attended Senate meetings.

Easily offended sensitive nature

Livia domineering mother

Known by name, son of Livia


AD 26-27 Tiberius left Rome never returned.

Retired to Capri.

Thrasyllus his astrologer was with him

Retirement inflamed his suspicions, depressions.

AD 29 Livia died


Period of unrest (AD 26/27-37)

Tiberius resident in Capri

Tiberius unpopular




Sejanus head of Praetorium guard.

Sejanus acting under the authority of Tiberius controlled Rome.

Sejanus conspired against imperial family executions.

Sejanus able to keep people away from Tiberius.



AD 30 Antonia warned Tiberius of Sejanus

AD 31 Tiberius and Sejanus joint consuls

AD 31 Sejanus killed 18 October

AD 33 Rome in financial crisis

AD 37 Death of Tiberius 16 March